About PH Life

A new name, a new brand and a new website but the same quality, values and service that we have been delivering for over 20 years.

If there is one thing that we all have in common, is the experience of living through the pandemic, something that has impacted on every aspect of our lives.  From a business point of view its thrown up many, many challenges... which thankfully we have been able to overcome.

So now its time to look to the future and we feel its the perfect time for a change... so we decided to relaunch Peake Health as PH Life.  It gives us the opportunity to streamline and improve our current products and services... and to also expand our range... we're very excited for the future and we hope you will all join us on our journey!

Our Background

Our Managing Director Tracey Peake, was a retail pharmacist for 26 years and ex proprietor of a retail pharmacy, Tracey has years of experience helping people achieve better health. She always enjoyed the patient contact and so when she was approached back in 2004 to get involved in promoting a hospital only Lipotrim programme, into the community through pharmacists, to help in the fight against obesity, she jumped at the opportunity to help local people change their lifestyles and lose weight.

Peake Health was then started as a weight management business from home by Tracey on her day off. This proved to be very successful for the client outcome and very rewarding on a personal level, to help people achieve their health goals and also for Tracey to achieve hers.

The work from home business developed into a full time service from premises in 2007 and continues to provide great products to achieve success for people nationwide and great satisfaction for Tracey.

If you would like to find out more about our background or discuss how PH Life can help you then please email - traceypeake1@gmail.com