The Eontu Range

We are the specialist company that provides exceptional weight management products, including restricted calorie and total food replacement (TFR) foods. Created by talented Chefs du Rhône, all of our products are full of authentic flavours and textures as well as being low calorie and high protein. 



We have a selection of satisfying total food replacement meals that contain real meaty flavours. Transform any of our TFR meals into gourmet dishes by adding a simple garnish.

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Our hearty soups possess all the rustic flavours and aromas of fresh farmhouse produce. With a variety of irresistible soups to choose from, some of which are TFR, they are sure to comfort you on a cold winters day. 

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These nutritionally complete, handy-sized snacks will relieve your hunger in between meals. And because they have been carefully created with all the goodness your body needs, they can also be enjoyed in place of one of your four daily meals.

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eontu’s total food replacement shakes are available in a range of tantalising flavours that fulfil your cravings for sugar. Because they are low calorie, high protein and full of nutrients, they are the perfect treat for anyone following a restricted calorie diet plan.

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Start your day with a nutritious, healthy and hearty breakfast by eontu. Easy to prepare in minutes, our warming porridge is just what you need to wake up to.

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