Eontu Guidelines

These are the guidelines to help you successfully undertake, sustain and complete your eontu restricted calorie diet (RCD), very low calorie diet (VLCD) or total food replacement (TFR):

Always have your first serving of eontu food within 90mins (max.) of waking. This kick-starts your metabolism: always maintain or increase your metabolic rate, to sustain weight loss capacity - a little light excercise is very beneficial.

Spread consuming your ideal calorific (kcal) intake as agreed with your professional health advisor evenly over 4 or more servings daily.

Never consume less than 425kcal daily!

Drink a minimum of 2.5 litres (max. 4 litres) of water - tap, bottled or sparkling - steadily and evenly throughout each 24 hour period.

• teas and coffees are included in your water allowance

• teas may be black, white or green leaf but not from fruits or flowers

• skimmed milk is allowed (in tea or coffee) - a maximum of 250ml daily

• sucralose sweetener is allowed in teas or coffees

• never add lemon.

When you are in ketosis (see ’physiology of low calorie dieting’) you will not feel ravenous: one of the beneficial side-effects of ketosis is the replacement of hunger pains - and other negatives also - with a mild sense of euphoria.

• you may suffer from bad ‘sweet’ or ‘pearl’ breath - this is very common

• use a mouthwash or the thin sheets such as Listerine Actives

• increase your water intake to help (never more than 4 litres per day)

• never use ‘sugar free’ gum or mints as a breath freshener

If you choose or are advised to have additional food, then only eat once per day from the ‘adding real food’ guide in order to maintain thermogenesis - the fat burning process.

By sticking rigorously to your RCD or TFR plan you will stay in ketosis. Wavering in and out of ketosis is generally found to be an unpleasant experience.

Take a full spectrum multi-vitamin and minerals daily to supplement our scientifically filling and nutritious products if you include other eontu products which are not total food replacements.

Initial side effects can include headache, nausea, tiredness and diarrhoea, but these are short lived and normally subside by the fourth day. Take paracetamol to relieve.

Long term side effects may or may not include constipa-tion (which you should never ignore). As an ongoing preventative measure stir in a teaspoon of the completely tasteless eontu Fibre into your fluids. If you do suffer from constipation take Senna or Bisacodyl occasionally to treat.

Never suddenly STOP your RCD, VLCD and, most especially, TFR diets without ‘re-feeding’. Re-feeding is vital for your health in order to stabilise your metabolism and secure the weight loss you have achieved.