Introducing Eontu

Losing Weight

Every day the human body requires approximately 2000 calories (kcal), with a minimum of 800 calories (kcal) to supply our vital organs with the energy they need. So in theory, if we consume less than 800 calories, the body will start to burn up our stores of fat and we will begin to lose weight. This natural process usually takes place after about three or four days into a very low calorie diet (VLCD) or total food replacement (TFR) diet. Although this may seem simple, for many people it isn’t, which is why eontu is here to help.

eontu defines a daily calorific intake of less than 1,200 kcal as a restricted calorie diet (RCD), less than 800 kcal as a very low calorie diet (VLCD), and less than 650 kcal as a total food replacement diet (TFR).

eontu recommends seeking advice from your doctor or other health professional prior to starting a VLCD or TFR weight loss programme so they can decide on the most suitable plan for you.

eontu provides high protein, low calorie weight management products for individuals undertaking any kind of restricted calorie plan. Created for your pleasure and successful weight management, our foods meet nutritional requirements and are full of authentic and satisfying flavours and textures.

WARNING: Intensive weight loss without professional supervision may cause irretrievable damage to your health.