Managing Weight

The human body requires around 2,000kcal (commonly written as ‘cals or ‘calories’) each and every day. Women need a little less (1,800kcal) and men a little more (2,500kcal).

The basic principle of weight loss is that when we consistently eat fewer calories than we use, then we will lose weight. But there are numerous other personal factors which heavily influence our capacity to lose weight without professional assistance. By combining professional advice, restricting calorific intake - by substituting some or even all conventional food with eontu’s tasty, scientifically filling and nutritious food replacements you too, can experience often quite dramatically unexpected weight loss.

eontu defines a daily calorific intake of less than 1,200kcal as a restricted calorie diet (RCD), less than 800kcal as a very low calorie diet (VLCD) and less than 650 kcal (without conventional food) as total food replacement (TFR).

It is most likely that you will be using a mixture of all three dieting modes when your health professional plans the safest and swiftest route to your sustainable and agreed target weight.

Warning: Intensive weight loss without professional supervision may irretrievably damage your health which may result in life threatening conditions and, in extreme circumstances, untimely death.