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AlphaMax V+

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This supplement has been meticulously crafted to revolutionize women's health

At the core of this remarkable formula lies SynForU-HerCare, an internationally acclaimed ingredient recognized in combating _vaginal infections_

Combined with EstroG-100 which has remarkable benefits in alleviating menopausal symptoms, Alphamax V+ ensures a holistic approach to women's wellness

 *Major Benefits:*
°Support hormonal balance
°Regulate menstrual cycle
°Support libido and sexual function
°Improve quality of sleep
°Provide relief from menopausal symptoms
°Promote mood balance
°Boosts energy
°Improve hair and nail health

•Support Hormonal balance 
•Improve libido
•Regulate menstrual cycle
•Balances mood

Made from 3 herbal extracts i.e Cynanchum wilfordiii, phloris umbrosa and Angelica gigas Nakai that;
•Improve symptoms of  menopause
•Help from vaginal dryness


 *1.Gingko Biloba*
•Has neuroprotective effects
•Enhances memory
•Improve blood Circulation
•Promote mood balance

 *2.Cranberry Extract*
•Promote Urinary tract health
•Reduces risk of Urinary tract infection
•Promote health of the bladder
•Has anticancer properties

 *3.Turmeric Extract*
•Reduces inflammation
•Promote digestive health
Promote cardiovascular health
•Support joint health

 *4.Dong Quai*
Contain bioactive compounds such as ferulic acid and ligustilide that;

•Balances hormones
•Regulate menstrual cycle
•Relieve symptoms associated with menopause
•Support women's reproductive health

 *5.Damiana Extract*
•Enhances libido
•Promote relaxation
•Has aphrodisiac effects
•Boosts energy

 *Other Ingredients;*

 *Black Cohosh*
•Manages hot flash

•Has estrogenic effects

 *Kucip Fatimah*
 *Green Tea Extract*

AlphaMax V+AlphaMax V+