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Balance Oil + 300ml

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BalanceOil+ from Zinzino is an all-natural Polyphenol Omega Balance food supplement high in olive polyphenols, Omega-3 and vitamin D3. It safely adjusts and maintains EPA + DHA levels and the Omega-6:3 Balance in your body while protecting your cells from oxidation.

It contains a premium blend of oils derived from wild-caught small fish and pre-harvest extra virgin olive oil.

Key benefits
  • Synergistic formula that contributes to normal heart, brain and immune function
  • Helps maintain good levels of EPA and DHA in your body
  • Helps maintain optimal Omega-6:3 levels in your body
  • Helps maintain polyphenol levels in your body to support blood lipids from oxidative stress
  • Supports healthy and normal eye function since it contains 700 mg DHA
  • Supports normal blood triglyceride levels, normal blood pressure and normal blood calcium levels
  • Contributes to normal bones, muscle function, normal teeth and cell division since the daily dosage contains 20 μg Vitamin D3
  • BalanceOil+ is made only from ingredients coming from natural sources. 
Ingredients BalanceOil+ 

Fish oils (from anchovy, mackerel, sardine), cold-pressed olive oil, mixed tocopherols (antioxidants), natural aroma, Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)

* Natural vanilla flavour
* Natural lemon flavour
* Natural orange lemon mint flavour
* Natural grapefruit lemon lime flavour

Nutrition value
  7.5 ml  12 ml
Fish Oil 4142 mg 6627 mg
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 1549 mg 2478 mg
Of which is EPA 802 mg 1283 mg
Of which is DHA 427 mg 683 mg
Olive oil 2557 mg 4092 mg
of which oleic acid (Omega-9) 1918 mg 3069 mg
of which polyphenols 2.2 mg 3,5 mg
Vitamin D3 12.6 ug (250 % of RV*)

20 ug (400 % of RV*)

Balance Oil + 300mlBalance Oil + 300mlBalance Oil + 300ml