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PH Life


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This revolutionary product is designed to promote optimal colon health and support the body's natural detoxification process

It contains grade AB-Kefir and SynForU-GastroKeep, in addition to a potent blend of other ingredients that work synergetically to aid in toxin removal from the body, prevent constipation and support a healthy gut microbiome

 *Major Benefits:*
°Assist in digestive function
°Enhances nutrient absorption
°Aid in detoxification
°Strengthen immune response
°Optimize nutrient assimilation
°Support weight management
°Diminish inflammatory response
°Enhances gut microbial equilibrium
°Encourage regular bowel movements

 *AB-Kefir Probiotics*
•Support digestive health
•Boosts immune system
•Enhances nutrient absorption
•Promote bowel regularity
•Help in toxin elimination
•Improve gut microbiota balance


•High in dietary fiber
•Aid in digestion
•Enhances bowel regularity
•Improve insulin sensitivity

 *2.Milk Thistle Extract*
•Natural remedy for liver and gallbladder problems
•Support digestive system
•Reduces cholesterol levels

 *3.Aloe Vera Extract*
•Aid in digestion
•Promote gut health
•Reduces inflammation
•Improve digestive and skin health

This is a patented combination of natural ingredients like green tea extract, grape seed extract and quercetin

•Enhances energy metabolism
•Promote healthy digestion
•Boosts gut microbiome
•Enhances nutrient absorption

 *Other Ingredients;*

 *Kiwi Juice Powder*
 *Psyllium Husk*
 *Acai berry*
 *Beet Root Powder extract*