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PH Life


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An Innovative supplement that is a steadfast ally against aging

It's major ingredients are the award winning _PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica_ and _Vitis Vinifera_ from swiss apple and grape vine stem cells that bolster vitality and longevity of human cells

*Major Benefits:*
°Enhances Immune System
°Reduces risk of metabolic disorders
°Delay Aging and promote cell regeneration
°Reduces cholesterol levels
°Boosts energy
°Boosts Metabolism
°Regulate blood sugar levels
°Support bone health
°Improve blood circulation
°Sharpen memory and cognitive function
°Improve quality of sleep


 *1. PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica*
Termed as "Fountain of Youth" by Vogue

•Protect longevity of skin stem cell
•Combat Chronological Aging
•Improve Wound Healing
•Improve Diabetes condition
•Combat Acne and Joint problems

 *2. PhytoCellTec Vitis Vinifera*
•Improve collagen levels and bone strength
•Improve Kidney Function
•Reduces Risk of Cancer

 *3. Lute-gen and Zea-gen*
•Improve Immune System
•Energy Booster
•Promote Heart Health
•Lower Blood Sugar levels

 *4. Uthever NMN*
A precursor of NAD+ Coenzyme required for life and cellular function

•Help reverse aging by boosting cellular energy and repairing DNA

 *5. Irish Sea Moss*
A marine plant packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

•Boosts immune system
•Support healthy digestive system
•Improve skin health and appearance
•Reduces inflammation
•Help in body detoxification
•Support Cardiovascular health
•Help in joint comfort and mobility

 *6. Acai Berry*
Small purple berries that grow in Amazon Rainforest

•Aid in weight loss
•Boost brain function
•Support heart health
•Reduces risk of chronic diseases
 *7. AFA extract*
A type of blue green algae found in fresh water lakes

•Improve mental clarity
•Promote energy
•Help in weigh loss and detoxification

Known as "miracle tree" and it's native to India as a traditional medicine and food source

•Lowers cholesterol
•Lowers Blood Sugar
•Improve Brain Function
•Support Digestive Health

 *9.Blueberry Extract*
•Improve Eyesight and Vision
•Protect Cells against Cancer

 *11. Pomegranate*
•Improve memory
•Lower blood pressure
•Improve bone health

 *13. Tumeric*
•Relieve symptoms of arthritis

 *14.Phycocyanin Extract*
•Lowers cholesterol
•Effective against anaemia
•Alleviate brain damage from conditions like stroke