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PH Life


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Sunset is formulated to help you find relief from stress, anxiety and sleep disorders

The carefully chosen blend of natural ingredients work together to calm the mind, improve mood and experience a restful sleep after regular use

 *Major Benefits:*
°Promote relaxation
°Improve mood
°Improve quality of sleep
°Improve eyesight and vision
°Enhance cognitive function
°Help in weight management
°Reduces stress
°Improve Quality of Life


A unique extract from saffron plan that is scientifically proven to promote relaxation and mood

•Improve mood
•Promote relaxation
•Enhances cognitive function
•Improve Quality of Life
•Improve Quality of Sleep
•Reduces symptoms of PMS

 *2.Lavender extract*
•Act as a relaxant
•Its a sedative
•Skin soothing agent
•Anti-anxiety substance

 *3.Chamomile extract*
•Calms and relaxes the nerves
•Relieves anxiety and stress
•Improve quality of sleep
•Alleviates muscle spasms
•Eases pain and discomfort
•Reduces allergic reactions

 *Other Ingredients;*

 *Jujube extract*
 *Passion fruit extract*
 *Passion flower extract*
 *Pepper mint extract*