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The Smart Shield (EMF, Wifi, RF Radiation Protection)

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Our regular customers will know that we have been selling Smart Shields from Intelligent Energetics for a couple of years nows... its a really fantastic product!

They have now made it available in 5 new colours.... Black, Silver, Pink, Purple and Blue! The Smart Shield is the worlds only EMF / Wifi / RF Radiation Protection device which is proven to protect the your body on a cellular level via dark field blood and saliva analysis and energetic testing.

Did you know... You may not be aware of this fact. The World Health Organization classifies mobile phone radiation as a "Class 2b. Known Carcinogen" in the same category of Lead, Asbestos, and Engine Exhaust.

The Invisible Killer, We Can't Live Without... Scientific evidence from research performed around 20 years ago proved beyond doubt that regular use of a mobile phone heated up brain tissue.

Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health State University of New York stated that 30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure. Doctors from the United Kingdom have issued warnings urging children under 16 not to use mobile phones.

We also now know from further research that the ultra high frequency EMF waves from mobile devices can cause a significant increase in blood pressure!


Smart Shield Protects you from:

  • Wi-Fi Routers
  • Mobile Phones
  • Mobile Phone Towers
  • Electrical Wires
  • Electrical Devices
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Mobile Phones.

The Smart Shield Features:

  •     Conductive Silver Antenna
  •     Bio electric shield built in
  •     An impressive protective range of 2-3 Ft from the human body
  •     Made in the U.S.A. in a Medical Device Facility
  •     Works effortlessly and protects you from ALL wireless devices
  •     Will NOT interfere with device's communication features or impede your signal


How Does It Work... The Smart Shield contains a proprietary blend of natural elements with piezoelectric properties that efficiently reflect and absorb electromagnetic noise and thereby block the harmful effects of  EMF’s emitted by wireless modern communication devices.

The Smart Shield chip has a conductive silver antennae/receiver that is agitated by the digital signals and then directs them over a plate containing the natural compounds which absorb the radiation immediately.

The energy transfer between the EMF signal and the piezoelectric natural compounds can remediate the disruptive segments of signals by absorbing, cancelling and reflecting many of the harmful elements.

In our 2 year search far and wide for a product that could prove biological protection we found the Smart Shield was by far the most impressive. The positive effects were outlined  a series of careful studies providing proof The Smart Shield remediated the deleterious effects of invisible electromagnetic radiation.

Simply attach a Smart Shield to all of your wireless devices such as DECT Phone / Mobile Phone / Tablet / Laptop / Wifi Router / Smart Meter etc. and start enjoying instant highly effective protection.

The Smart Shield (EMF, Wifi, RF Radiation Protection)The Smart Shield (EMF, Wifi, RF Radiation Protection)The Smart Shield (EMF, Wifi, RF Radiation Protection)